A Tapas Style Thanksgiving by Yumology

Delectable Dishes for a Tapas Style Thanksgiving

We’ve all done it. We’ve spent hours slaving away in a hot kitchen, cleaning, seasoning and stuffing a turkey that seems to have tripled in size since we brought it home from the grocery store. Crossing our fingers that it has fully defrosted and it will be ready to cook when we wake up at 6:00 a.m. to turn the oven on.

We’ve joked about the 10 hours it takes to make Thanksgiving dinner and the 10 minutes it takes everyone to eat it. But what if we could change all that? What if we could give Thanksgiving dinner a cosmopolitan, ultra-chic makeover that would allow people to nibble on all the comforting flavors of Thanksgiving without being chained to the table? What if we could give us chefs time to sit down and enjoy a cocktail with our guests?

A Tapas Style Thanksgiving from Yumology

A Tapas Style Thanksgiving from Yumology

Yumology’s latest and greatest food-revolution is here. Our Thanksgiving Tapas make each of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes more manageble and more munchable than ever!





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