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“Blue Sky” Candy for Breaking Bad

Sweeten up what’s sure to be an incredibly bittersweet end to Breaking Bad tonight with a little homemade “Blue Sky” hard candy (no Chili P allowed). It’s super easy to make as long as you have a good, reliable candy thermometer, and all you need for presentation are plastic bags!

Blue Sky Candy for Breaking Bad

If you’re throwing a Breaking Bad viewing party tonight (or you’re just a rabid fan, like myself) this is a fun little project to work on prior to the show! It takes just about an hour or so to make and cool the candy, so it’s easy to add to your plans, and it’s just fun. (Plus, the sky blue color is sure to go awesome with all those pillows and feathers that will go flying around your house if anything (else) bad should happen to Jesse Pinkman).

Blue Sky Rock Candy

“Blue Sky” Candy for Breaking Bad


  • candy thermometer, an absolute must-have requirement
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 3/4 cup light corn syrup
  • 1 packet Duncan Hines® frosting creations cotton candy flavor mix


  • Combine the water, sugar, and corn syrup in a saucepan over medium heat and whisk until the sugar dissolves. Once the sugar dissolves and the mixture starts to bubble, put your candy thermometer in and let it cook. (You may need to turn the heat up to high).
  • Meanwhile, line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and coat it in a non-stick spray or oil, while keeping an eye on your candy if possible.
  • Let your sugar boil until the candy thermometer reads 290 degrees Fahrenheit (about 145 degrees Celsius). Once it reaches that temperature, take it off the heat and let it cool for a few moments before stirring in your packet of flavoring and coloring. (NOTE: It's very important that the candy reaches this temperature. undercooking it even as few as 10 degrees can result in a soft candy, and overcooking it can result in a yellow-coloration that will turn your candy green.)
  • Carefully pour your candy mixture out onto the greased, lined sheet and tilt the pan to spread it thin. (The thinner the candy, the easier it will be to break once it sets). Let it cool completely.
  • Blue Sky Candy Sheet Blue Sky Candy for Breaking Bad Recipes
  • Once the candy is fully cooled, break it up with a mallet (or another heavy metal object), and assemble it into your plastic bags!
  • Cracked Blue Sky Blue Sky Candy for Breaking Bad Recipes
 Blue Sky Candy for Breaking Bad Recipes


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