Introducing Yummly Recipe Collections!

Don’t just save your recipes — organize them! With Yummly’s new Collections, you can save your recipes to customized menus. Want to store all your go-to weekday recipes in one place? Or collect great food ideas for a special occasion? It’s fast and incredibly easy.

Your “Recipe Box” and “Collections” can be accessed in the top menu bar across the entire website! Just check out the right-hand, top corner.

Collections is where your customized menus and lists live! Click the grey box to “Create New Collection,” and add in your collection’s name and short description of what recipes are inside it. Think of it as a little cookbook that you create for yourself!

You can also create a collection at the same time you “Yum” a recipe! Click the “yum” button on any recipe across the site, and you can add it to your Recipe Box (also called “Saved Recipes”), put it in any one of your collections, or create a collection right there and then to fit your needs.

To remove a recipe from your collection or from your saved recipes, just click the yum button again and de-select the collections you want it removed from.  Once you refresh the page, the recipe should be gone!

Click the link for “Recipe Box” and you’ll find all of your saved recipes in one spot, just like usual! You can browse through all the things you’ve Yummed across the site.

We want to make organizing, saving, and sharing the recipes you love as easy as possible! What do you think of this new addition to the site? Are you excited to start using Collections?

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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