Sweet and Savory Crepes for Every Occasion

Crepes make a lovely meal for breakfast, brunch, or any other time of the day you feel like! They’re wonderfully light and versatile, delicious with sweet fruits or smoky bacon alike. Mix up a batch of crepes one day of the week, and you can create a whole menu from start to finish with the results! Enjoy a savory egg crepe in the morning, a ham and cheese crepe at lunch, and one with strawberries and whipped cream for dessert. With all the options available, the only limit is your own creativity.


Chocolate Crepes from Citron LimetteChocolate Crepes




Crepes with Asian Pear Compote from La casa sin tiempoCrepes with Asian Pear Compote




Pesto Crepes from PeppermillPesto Crepes



Savory Crepes with Chanterelle Sauce from The Way the Cookie CrumblesSavory Crepes with Chanterelle Sauce


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