Classic Deli Foods to Make at Home!

At many of the fine delicatessen’s across the United States, you’ll find many delicious foods from crusty bagels to smoky, perfectly spiced pastrami. These recipes are a great example of the kinds of foods you can enjoy at institutions such as Katz’s and Canter’s – some of the best deli’s in the country! Made at home and enjoyed truly fresh from the oven, yours might even rival theirs. Give it a try, tonight!

Homemade Pastrami from AdventureFoodHomemade Pastrami


Homemade Bagels and Lox from Cookbook ArchaeologyFully Homemade Bagels and Lox


Matzo Ball Soup from beautiful inside my headMatzo Ball Soup


Potato Latkes from Sweet & Savory KitchenPotato Latkes


Homemade Corned Beef from Confessions of a Cardamom AddictHomemade Corned Beef


Classic Russian Borscht from The Girls’ Guide to Guns and ButterClassic Russian Borscht


Reuben Sandwich from smoke&umamiReuben Sandwich


Homemade Potato Knishes from An Overtime Cook via The Spiffy CookieHomemade Potato Knishes


Chicken Noodle Soup from Sweet BeginningsChicken Noodle Soup


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