Is there Anything Betta than Italian Pancetta?

Pancetta might start off as simple strips of pork belly, but after it’s salt-cured, seasoned in a delicious blend of Italian herbs and spices, and dried for months, it becomes infused with unmatched flavor. Add it to any dish, be it a roast chicken or a quick pasta, and you’ll take your meal into a brand new dimension of deliciousness! Discover what makes pancetta so fantastic for yourself with one of these tasty meals.


Pancetta, Sage & Ricotta Pasta from Greedy GourmandPancetta, Sage & Ricotta Pasta


Tilapia Over Tomato Pancetta Sauce from Tasty Comforts of North GeorgiaTilapia Over Tomato Pancetta Sauce






Italian Twice-Baked Potatoes from everyday belleItalian Twice-Baked Potatoes




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