Colorful Ideas for Dyeing Easter Eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs is a tradition. It’s a crinkled, sunlit memory of a warm day where soft breezes waft through an open window and you watch as your mom takes a bin of brightly colored eggs out of the refrigerator. It’s the sight of little girls in tulle dresses and boys in their Sunday best running around a dewy green lawn barefoot with smiles wide on their faces as they pluck stenciled eggs out of the lawn’s little nooks and crannies. If you want to make a few vibrant memories of your own this season, here are five awesome tutorials to show you how!

Herb Stenciled Easter Eggs from Adventures in CookingHerb Stenciled Easter Eggs


Silk Dyed Easter Eggs from Boulder LocavoreSilk Dyed Easter Eggs


Cracked Eggs from Barefoot Kitchen WitchCracked Eggs


Kool-Aid Eggs from CafeMomKool-Aid Eggs


Traditional Polish Easter Eggs from Coffee & VanillaCoffee and Vanilla


Monogram Easter Eggs from Lil’ LunaMonogram Easter Eggs


Marbled Eggs from “The Claytons Blog”Marbled Eggs


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