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What’s in Season: Spring Fruit Edition

The warm sunshine and rains that roll in with the Spring make fruits and vegetables flourish! Enjoy the season’s juicy, fresh bounty this year by taking advantage of the best crops. Next time you head into the grocery store, keep these five fresh fruits in mind – they’re at their seasonal best in the springtime and are definitely Yummly eats.

Kumquats abound this time of year throughout Asia and the Southern US, and while they’re not the most common fruit to see around, they make a sweet addition to lots of great dishes, like this Moroccan Chicken!


These tasty fruits flower very early in spring, so make the most of them now while they’re at their best! These tasty apricot shortbread bars are a great way to show off this great crop.


This subtly sweet green melon flourishes in the Springtime. Combine it in a fruit salad with other awesome seasonal fruits like pineapple and mango, like in this dish, and you’ll have yourself a refreshing treat for any warm day.


National Strawberry Day may have passed already, but strawberry season has officially started! Bright red strawberries are a fantastic sweet treat on their own, but combine them with other ingredients like in this salad and you’ll with everyday was strawberry day!


Jackfruit is primarily popular in Asian cuisine, but this fruit is gaining popularity here in the states too. These awesome jackfruit and plantain spring rolls are very popular in the Philippines; how about trying to make your own?


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Photo Credits: Bon Appetit, Spice Raconteurs