Supremely Cheesy Recipes for Gouda Times

These fantastically cheesy creations are as much of a joy to eat as they are a brie-ze to make!  Just give these recipes your unfeta-ed attention, even for just a second, and you’re sure to find a drool-inducing dish to delight in tonight.  Heck, you might even find a parm-anent addition to your recipe rotation! (And if you think we’re laying the cheese on thick, you have to see these recipes!)

The Sergeant Pepper Grilled Cheese (from The Starved Writer)The Sergeant Pepper grilled cheese (from The Starved Writer)



Baked Tex Mex Cheese Dip (from Pink Parsley)Baked Tex Mex Cheese Dip



Mozzarella Filled Rice Balls (from manu’s menu)Mozzarella Filled Rice Balls


Brazilian Cheese Bread (from Give Me Flour)Brazilian Cheese Bread


Cheddar Cheese Soup (from The Dabble)Cheddar Cheese Soup




Cranberry Orange Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (from Life Happenings and Fun on the Farm)Cranberry Orange Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting



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