Best Budget-Friendly Ground Beef Recipes

Ground beef is easy to cook with and it tastes delicious! With its prevalence in everything from tacos to burgers, pizza to pasta, ground beef is a staple ingredient of all kinds of popular foods. Make use out of this versatile ingredient by whipping up one of these exceptional savory snacks, appetizers, and main courses fit for any time of day.


Ground Beef Chili (from Ya Salam Cooking)Ground Beef Chili


Ground Beef Tacos (from delish)Ground Beef Tacos


Spicy Ground Beef with Potatoes (from For the Love of Yum)Spicy Ground Beef with Potatoes


Mashed Potato and Ground Beef Croquettes (from Amateur Cook Professional Eater)Mashed Potato and Ground Beef Croquettes


Patty Melts (from Dishing Up Delights)Patty Melts


Homemade Pizza with Beef (from Swapna’s Cuisine)Homemade Pizza with Beef


BBQ Cocktail Meatballs (from the meaning of pie)BBQ Cocktail Meatballs


Moussaka (from Gastronomer’s Guide)Moussaka


Ground Beef Stroganoff (from one ordinary day)Ground Beef Stroganoff


Ground Beef Fried Rice (from Jinkzz’s Kitchen)Ground Beef Fried Rice


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