Wrap Up 2011 with Tasty Homemade Tamales

In Hispanic culture, it is traditional to make a big batch of tamales around Christmas and New Years to give as gifts and share with friends.  Families gather together to help make the tamales – preparing the masa, filling them with cheeses, meats, and vegetables, wrapping them in corn husk, steaming them – and of course, unwrapping them and enjoying them with fresh salsa verde and sour cream! If you’ve never made your own tamales, now is a great time to adopt this delicious tradition in your home.



Tamale Bites (from a spicy perspective)Tamale Bites


Pork Loin, Chicken, and Beef Tamales (from Cooking on the Side)Pork Loin, Chicken, and Beef Tamales


Tamales de Frijoles Refritos (from Persephone’s Kitchen)Tamales de Frijoles Refritos


Roast Corn and Goat Cheese Tamales (from Christopher Cina)Roast Corn and Goat Cheese Tamales


Beef Tamale Pie (from easier than pie)Beef Tamale Pie



Tamales Verdes (from a little bit of Spain in Iowa)Tamales Verde


Chocolate Caramel Tamales (from pastry studio)Chocolate Caramel Tamales


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