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Yummly’s Friday Food Roundup

Thanksgiving is under a week away! Before you grab your groceries, you’ve got to sort out your menu, and this week’s round-up is the perfect aid!  Whether you want new great ideas for what to cook this Thanksgiving, or just want a few cooking tips, these recipes are must-see resources.  Showstopping turkeys, creamy macaroni and cheeses, and to-die-for appetizers are just a few of the highlights, but there were plenty of fabulous Thanksgiving options this week, regardless of what taste or diet you’re cooking for!

1) Creamy Macaroni and Cheese Dishes That Put the Blue Box to Shame – If you like macaroni and cheese, you’ll love these recipes!

Featured: Foodness Gracious, The Three Cheeses, Kitchen Historic, Organically Me, Return to the Garden, O Pistachio, Fare to Remember, The Kitchen is my Playground, The City Sisters, The Taste Traveler

2) Irresistible Appetizers that Will Steal the Spotlight – They might be small, but every bite packs a serious punch!

Featured: Cheeky Kitchen, Nooschi, Table Talk, Food Nouveau, Real Fun Food, answers en croute, Healthy Happy Life, The Spontaneous Hausfrau, Pham Fatale, Laylita’s Recipes, Skinnytaste, The World of Food and Cooking

3) Every Recipe You Need for a Vegan Thanksgiving – If you’re vegan (or just cooking for one), here’s an awesome round-up of recipes that are sure to please everyone!

4) 12 Showstopping Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes – These Thanksgiving turkeys will wow everyone who sees ’em, and knock it ’em out of the park once they eat it too!

Featured: Cooking by the Book, Trissalicious, Phoo-d, The Mother Huddle, Seasonal Family, What We’re Eating, Gastronomy, Seasoned Fork, Mikey’s Kitchen, Chaos in the Kitchen, Life is Great, Family Spice 

5) Perfect Pie Recipes for Every Holiday Celebration – Save room for dessert! These delicious pies are the perfect end to a Thanksgiving meal.

Featured: Domestic Fits, Being Suzy Homemaker, Crustabakes, The Nifty Foodie, She Simmers, La Bonne Bouche, Table for 2 or more, No Special Effects, Vegetable Matter, Hungry Girl por Vida

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