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Perfect Pie Recipes for Every Holiday Celebration

Even though fresh fruit cobblers and mixed berry pies have gone the way of the summer sun, we can still enjoy a huge variety of fantastic Fall pie flavors! Now’s the time for roasted pumpkin and sweet potato pies, creamy custard pies spiced with cinnamon, and fresh picked apple and pear pies – all topped with a healthy dollop of light whipped cream! Pick out your favorite pie crust and check out these awesome pies, all ready for the holidays.


Pumpkin Pie (from Domestic Fits)Pumpkin Pie


Pecan Pie (from Being Suzy Homemaker)Pecan Pie


Butterscotch Praline Cream Pie (from Crustabakes)Butterscotch Praline Cream Pie


Caramel Apple Pie A La Mode Bites (from The Nifty Foodie)Caramel Apple Pie A La Mode Bites


Sweet Potato Pie (from She Simmers)Sweet Potato Pie


Cinnamon Apple Pie (from La Bonne Bouche)Cinnamon Apple Pie


Mini Chocolate Banoffee Pies (from Table for 2 or more)Chocolate Banoffee Pie


Mini Pumpkin Pies (from No Special Effects)Mini Pumpkin Pies


Chocolate Pecan Fudge Pie (from Vegetable Matter)Chocolate Pecan Fudge Pie



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