dsc00930I can’t remember the first time someone called me a foodie.  All I know is that the word centered around one of my favorite things – food.  “Finally” I thought , “I have an identity!”

What exactly IS a foodie?   Well, according to one recently viewed report, it’s a person who loves food and the surrounding culture.   Foodies differ from Gourmets in that they tend to have a wider range of food-related interests.  They might be as interested in eating it (finding the trendiest places on the planet to have, say, udon noodles) or making it.  And as it turns out there are more and more of us now, 31 million or about 14% of the US adult population.

While at a recent cooking event I mused to the organizer it sometimes feels as though collectively we’ve all become foodies overnight.  My friend laughed and said “it’s really here, in San Francisco.  The rest of the country is still catching up”.    I mulled over this possibility as I thought about all the recent conversations, questions and websites visited all centered around the topic of, you guessed it: FOOD (they weren’t all here in California).

Of course it’s quite possible that foodies tend to glom onto each other and obsess over the latest produce or method of frying fries.   Perhaps it’s just my circle of friends and the amount of great food we have within greasy-fingered, pizza tossing, deep frying reach.

I’ve now convinced myself that all this talk about food has made me hungry so I’m off to the kitchen.  Perhaps I’ll find some gourmet chocolate in my cupboard!